LATEST NEWS: Covid measures are cancelled & Registration is prolonged by 28th of February..

Dear go friends,

we are happy to announce that we have three good news for you concerning the coming EYGC 2022 in Praha.

1) Restrictions on travelling to the Czech Republic for foreigners are cancelled

Yesterday, 15th of February, our government cancelled with immediate effectiveness all significant restrictions on international travelling. The most important change is that it is not necessary to have a valid Covid certificate recognised in our country (the EU). The negative PCR test is enough. It means, the border of our country is now opened practically to everybody.

We already updated our webpage and you can find information here: Covid Safety You can also check all information in details on our government official webpage here:

2) Deadline for accommodation reservation is prolonged by 28th of February

To reflect new conditions for travelling and enable coming to Czechia and participate in the EYGC 2022, especially to people for whom travelling to Czechia under past restrictions could be difficult or impossible, we negotiated with the hotel and managed to prolong a deadline for accommodation reservation by 28th of February.

3) No more restrictions for participating in EYGC We are really glad to annouce that there are no restrictions from 15th of February and all player may participate !! <3 You don't need any certificate of vaccination or recovery and even PCR test or Antigen is not need anymore.

Dear go friends, we hope that the good news encourages those who might hesitate or find travelling to the Czech Republic difficult and more participants will come for the championship. If you have any questions, need a help, please, do not hesitate and contact us.

with kind regards,

the EYGC team

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