Report on the European Youth Go Championship 2022

The European Youth Go Championships took place at the Congress Congress Congress Hotel, part of the Olympik Hotels, between 10 - 12 March 2022. 114 players from 15 European countries took part in the championship.

The actual championship was preceded by a training camp, which was attended by 31 junior participants from 6 countries. Andrii Kravets 1p, Lukáš Podpěra 7d, Jan Šimara 6d, and Adriana Tomšů 2d where teaching at the camp. The daily program of the camp consisted of two morning sessions, a lunch break followed by a voluntary sports activity and two afternoon sessions. Between the lessons, snacks were prepared for the participants. The teaching programme was varied and each coach prepared it according to the individual requirements of the students. Among other things, the content included tsumego solving, analysis of professional and mutual games, an overview of the latest joseki and much more. The players tried relay go and the lesson ended with simultaneous games.

The championship kicked off on Wednesday at 7:00 pm with an opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was started by the President of the Czech Go Association J. Kotowski, followed by a short speech by the representative of the European Go Federation Catalin Taranu and the introduction of the participants to the basic organization and thanks to the sponsors was given by the treasurer of the Czech Go Association A. Tomšů. At the end, all 250 participants (players + accompaniment) could enjoy the performance of k-pop group Excellent.

The opening was followed by a Team leaders meeting, where the main referee Aleš Cieplý repeated the basic rules: complete ban on the use of electronic devices, limitation of the presence of escorts in the playing areas, criteria for the evaluation of the ranking, etc.. Ukrainian players from the top group were allowed by the EGF to play online. Anna Meln

yk took advantage of this opportunity. The organizers provided computers on site from which the online matches were played and on which the webcam was online.

The first and the last delay of the whole championship (about 20 minutes) was before the start of the first pairing, due to late reporting of class changes. Subsequently, the schedule was followed with incredible precision. All games were conducted according to the rules, except for two small incidents the head judge had no extra work. The organizers provided several assistant referees to help the players in the under 12 category to evaluate the games. Half of the players in this category finished their games after twenty minutes from the call to start the games. After the day's two rounds were played, a pairs go tournament was held. A great 20 pairs participated in the pairs go tournament. Each pair go player took home a bottle or mug printed with the World Pair Go Association sponsor. If players wished to comment on the game, they were able to take advantage of the presence of Andre Kravets 1p and Lukas Podpera 7d, who were happy to do so. Alternatively, two computers were set up for players to access the AI sensei dan force program.

On Saturday 12 March at 8am the results were announced. Thanks to the great support of sponsors and partners, J. Hricova announced several other categories in addition to the first three places: best woman in each category, prizes for 4 and 5 wins (only the first players in the category managed to win all 6 games). In addition, two players from each category were awarded consolation prizes. All players received nominal certificates for their participation. The winners received diplomas for the places won. The winner of the U20 category qualified for the 2022 Globis Cup and the top 6 players in each category qualified for the WYGC online tournament. The following players won the championship by category:

U12 category

  1. Bende BARCZA (Hungary)

  2. Alper SULAK (Turkey)

  3. Alexandru-Nicolas PATRASCU (Romania)

U16 category

  1. Vsevolod OVSIIENKO (Ukraine)

  2. Yuze XING (Germany)

  3. Anna MELNYK from Ukraine

U20 category

  1. Arved PITTNER (Germany)

  2. Davide BERNARDIS (Italy)

  3. Denis DOBRANIS (Romania)

Pair-Go Tournament

  1. Bednarska Julia (Poland, U20) & Cyprian Doruch (Poland, U20)

  2. Elena Oprisan (Romania, U20) & Davide Bernardis (Italy, U20)

  3. Daria Mesesan (Romania, U20) & Tymofii Ovsiienko (Ukraine, U12)

The following is a list of sponsors and partners of the European Board Game Go Championships.

Capital city of Prague

European Go Federation

Czech Go Federation

Guo Juan’s Internet go school

Moyo holding



Ai Sensei

Word pair go Association

Awesome Baduk

Final results are here.

Photo gallery by J. Sir here.

Photo gallery by J. Kotowski here.

Photo gallery of pair go tournament by J. Sir here.

Zip file of broadcasted games:

EYGC_game_records (1)
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