Let me introduce our team

Updated: Jan 22

Hello go players,

we would like to introduce you to the organizers of this magnificent event. Their goal is to ensure the smooth running of the entire championship so that we can all enjoy it together!

Main organizers

Adriana Tomšů

Adriana is a long-time go player who actively started promoting go among children in Czechia. For instance, she was the main organizer of the summer youth go camp in 2020 & 2021 and currently is also the team leader of the national youth team. Since 2019, she is a member of the executive committee, where she is in charge of working with children and youth. Last but not least, Adriana is a triple woman champion of the Czech Republic and represented at many European and World championships.

Jaroslav Kotowski

Jaroslav, currently President of the Czech Go Association, is an active go player. He is involved in the organization of the go club in Prague, which is one of the largest in the Czech Republic. He also regularly participates in the organization of the Prague tournament - Korean Ambassador Cup.

Jana Hricová

Jana is well known both in the Czech Republic and in Europe. She regularly organizes at least three go events a year in the Czech Republic, one Czech Youth Championship and two tournaments in Pradubice Moyo Open and Prague Deskohraní. She also served on the executive committee of the Czech Go Association, which she also chaired. She is a former Vice President of the European Go Association. In addition to organizing around go, she teaches at a primary school and also runs the Czech go club Promogo. In 2005 she organized a congress in Prague. Jana is also an active go player and a multiple Czech woman national go champion.

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