In addition to the trophies and medals for first places in all categories, the EGF will provide vouchers and prizes that are currently being negotiated. 
We will inform you about them as soon as possible.

Category U12
3 x WYGC 2020 *
3 x voucher for ? EUR **

Category U16
3 x WYGC 2020 *
3 x voucher for ? EUR **

Category U20
1 x Globis Cup 2020 ***

3x voucher for ? EUR **

*) World Youth Go Championships (for U12 and U16 categories)  the date will be known 6 months in advance. According to the WYGC rules, no player can participate in the same category twice within three years and two players from the same country cannot participate in the same category.

**) Voucher can be used for teaching / tournament activities. A list of possibilities for using the voucher will be available by the middle of February 2022.

***) The Globis Cup is planned to be held between May and July this year. We will provide more info about the event as soon as possible.

Each player with 5 or 6 wins in any category will get a voucher for Guo Juan 5p internet school.