Rules & Eligibility

These rules have been taken from the official EGF website. Retrieved: October 29, 2021

European Youth Go Championships

The event is split into under-20, under-16 and under-12 age categories.

Eligibility of players

For determining if a player falls in a certain age category, he/she must be born on or after 1st September of the corresponding year of birth for under-12 and under-16 categories, and must be born on or after 1st January of the corresponding year of birth for under-20 category. All players must be nationals of an EGF-member country.

Tournament system

The tournament is played by the EGF General Tournament rules, using Territory Scoring Verbal European- Japanese Rules with 6.5 komi for even games and Japanese fill-in counting ruleset. There is one hour basic time and byoyomi 3 times 30 sec, or 15 stones in 5 minutes overtime (according to the type of clocks).

The tournament is usually run as a McMahon draw (unless Swiss system or Round Robin appear to be more suitable because of a very small number of players), with a bar placed suitably to select 16 players if it is reasonably possible. Each top group is seeded by rating for the first two rounds with „cut and slide“ way of pairings. Players should have previously obtained a European rating in order to be included in the top group. The result table is sorted by McMahon score/total points, SOS, SOSOS/SODOS, mutual game.

Date of the EYGC

The EYGC is usually held between February and mid-March.

Tournament rewards

The EYGC is a qualification tournament especially for invited World tournaments, according to the conditions of these tournaments. The EGF can also contributes its own prizes if it is possible and appropriate. Also, other sposnsorship of third parties is possible, based on a mutual agreement with the EGF.